Thrifty Sister: Saving Ways for Black Folks

Thrifty Sister: Saving Ways for Black Folks

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African-Americans are still struggling with the same economic issues that have plagued us for decades. Too many of us are hoping, dreaming, playing lotto and spinning wheels. Thrifty Sister: Saving Ways for Black Folks encompasses the many different ways we can save.

Step back from the chaotic world and rediscover the values that make your life worth living. Visualize yourself at peace, balanced and managing your life with dignity. Prioritize your wants and needs and make appropriate choices tailored to your individual lifestyle. With a little planning and self-examination, you can attain a deeper understanding of yourself and confidently make appropriate choices tailored to your goals.

Thrifty Sister will take you step-by-step and show you how to begin your own personal journey to prosperity through frugality. Each chapter will empower and enlighten you to tap into your own creativity, recognize your gifts and the true treasures of life. Over 300 thrifty tips and strategies are served throughout the seven chapters.

Gain insight on:

  • Making small, easy changes that produce big results
  • Creating an action plan for major, positive change
  • How to enrich your life without money
  • How our history has shaped our values and habits
  • Eliminating negative traits that are sabotaging your goals
  • Prioritizing spending and reap the rewards
  • Improving your lifestyle on the money you currently earn
  • Planning for your future
  • How to splurge using thrifty methods