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Real Estate Business and Investment Opportunities: The Complete Guide to Starting a High-Profit Business

Real Estate Business and Investment Opportunities: The Complete Guide to Starting a High-Profit Business

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This unique book covers in detail over 40 different real estate business and investment opportunities that can be started with minimal cash. Start your own part-time or full-time real estate business or investment career with the ideas contained in this virtual encyclopedia of real estate opportunities. There is no other book on the market like this. Most real estate books cover only a few topics. This book covers dozens of small business and investment ideas that will give you the ideas to get startedtoday. In addition, the book has extensive additional resources and websites to help further your education.

Here is a small sampling of real estate businesses and investments covered: Apartment Preparation Services, Flipping Houses Fast, Mobile Homes Profits, Multi-Unit Income Property, Perpetual Income from Houses, Low-Budget Land Deals and Flips, Rooming House Money Machines, Cell Tower Land Leases, Foreclosure Consulting and Mediation, Bad Paper Profits, Title Examiner, Real Estate Publishing, Real Estate Sales Careers, Note Brokerage, Master Leasing and Subleasing, Parking Lot Rental Space, Garage Storage Unit Rentals, Property Management Services, Wholesaling Property, Lease Options and Rent-to-Own Houses, Eviction Services, Land Trust Trustee Services, Discount Note Investing, Marketing Consulting, Land Deals, Maintenance Services, Home Inspection Service, Creating Notes/Income Streams from Wraps, Mortgage Brokering, Judgment Recovery, 1031 Exchange Services, Landlord Consulting, New Construction Cleanup Services, Low Income Housing and Section-8 Housing, Handicapped Rentals, 4 New Real Estate Consulting businesses, and many more...

Beyond real estate, the book contains numerous chapters on street-smart entrepreneuring, along with tips, guidelines, and strategies for operating a business or investment program with minimal cash.

If you like a book with plenty of ideas, quotes, tips, and resources for further information marked in bold, then you will like this book.