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Quality's Greatest Hits: Classic Wisdom from the Leaders of Quality

Quality's Greatest Hits: Classic Wisdom from the Leaders of Quality

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The quality movement has had numerous leaders, theories, and best practices that have revolutionized the way organizations operate. Often the myriad of information can be confusing, occasionally contradictory; to even the most experienced quality manager. Finally a guide of the most useful and noteworthy pieces of information on quality management has been collected in one convenient, easy-to-use guidebook. Quality’s Greatest Hits: Classics from Leaders of Quality is a handy, user-friendly guide of the most notable theories, tools, and quotations from quality’s biggest names.

This unique reference of quality principles, tools, and notable quotes belongs on the desk of every quality professional. While not intended to teach these quality fundamentals to the reader, the easily used, time-tested information found in this book makes this an ideal reference for anyone who has to make presentations, provide quality training, or serve as a mentor. Quality’s Greatest Hits is agreat refresher for the experienced quality manager, and a helpful guide for just beginning their quality career. The ideas collected include: management and general wisdom; improvement tools & techniques; probability and statistics; reliability and riskassessment; software; audit and inspection; quality guru’s (Juran, Deming, Crosby); and more.