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Celebrity Fan Clubs For Fun & Profit

Celebrity Fan Clubs For Fun & Profit

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Meet Celebrities & Make Money Too! This is a lively, informative guide that gives A-Z steps in starting your own celebrity based business now! Written by Joyce Logan, who owns the World's largest Fan Club Company servicing celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, John Mellencamp, Kenny Loggins, and many others for nearly 20 years, this powerful book supplies the reader with contacts and contracts to start this very lucrative home-based business with little or no money....just a lot of heart! Fan Clubs are no longer run by love-struck teens...it is a multi-million dollar business! Celebrities from all walks of life need this type of service. Movie stars, Recording Artists, TV Personalities and Sports Figures. This book speaks to the person who would enjoy interacting with one or many celebrities and has an entrepreneurial vein running through their body. This book combines knowledge and humor along with the author's personal scrapbook of photos of ce! lebrities she's worked with and met over the years. Whether you're just starting out or already doing this type of work...this is a must have, as it will save you years of research and mistakes and take you quickly along the path to success!