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Success With Online Retailing: For Small Businesses

Success With Online Retailing: For Small Businesses

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E-commerce is bouncing back! Get ready to catch the next wave! You can build a profitable small business online by adopting cost-effective e-business strategies. This is the book that shows you: - How to develop appropriate strategies to cope with changes in the marketplace. - How to create a "position" for your business in the minds of your target consumers. - How to differentiate your product with benefits, pricing and value-added services. - How to find the right e-commerce solution to put your business online cost-effectively. - How to use a proprietary risk management process to screen out online fraud effectively. - How to fulfill your orders promptly and cost-effectively. - How to make your site sells with bargains, effective sales writing and testimonials. - How to build a vibrant online community to enhance the "stickiness" of your Web site. - How to build a highly responsive mailing list to improve your sales conversion rate. - How to use free publicity in the media to drive millions of visitors to your site. - How to acquire new customers cost-effectively. - How to manage your e-business efficiently. - How to adopt multichannel business strategy to improve profitability.