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How to Run a Community Recycling Center

How to Run a Community Recycling Center

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This guide is directed mainly to environmental clubs and organizations, scouts, church groups, schools, service clubs and individuals who wish to earn some extra cash while performing a vital community service.

In the pages of this guide, you will find an array of operational options for recycling centers, techniques for marketing and handling recyclables, and suggestions for making your project competitive and successful. Recycling projects can be and have been successful. You too can help rid of portion of our society of its throwaway mentality if you are determined to implement different recycling options as needs and opportunities arise.

There is no one model way of running a recycling project. With this book, we hope to give you solid information about the most common methods used by community-based recycling organizations, advise you of possible pitfalls, and suggest additional resources for aid in developing your program. Most of all, we want to be encouraging - to let you know that there is no better day than today to begin your project.

Although originally published by the State of Illinois, all but a few paragraphs (on Illinois law) of this book are relevant to any location.