Holy Moly Mackeroly! Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life

Holy Moly Mackeroly! Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life

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Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life

This book is "business memoir" and is unique in the arts and crafts industry. The author speaks from personal experience of the adventures on the road to creating a home-based art business - one that works because it is created step-by-step, day-by-day.

It all started with one rubber stamp that the author's husband bought to make price tags for miniature grapevine wreaths, the original "home business." From there a hobby began, and 3 Southwest art stamps were added to an extremely small "collection" a few months later. What can you do with 3 Southwest stamps? How about a handful of bookmarks? How about a business that gets started because your mother shows those bookmarks to shop owners in Santa Fe - and they actually want to buy them - and sell them?

The author is clearly in the business of art and in her book, she is clearly in the business of giving hope - the realistic kind. She obviously loves her lifestyle and is also willing to be honest about it. Is everything about pursuing your dreams a lovely, romantic skip down Pleasantville Lane? Hardly. Gloria dives in and wrestles with the real questions that come up on the sometimes thorny, lonely path.

What about the fear of rejection? How about that nagging little thought that if you do pursue your art dreams or any personal dream, you are destined to become a starving artist or the object of ridicule? Does it cost a fortune to get started? Do I need to be a professional with credentials lined up after my name? Where do I start? What if I fail? How can I live with myself if I don't at least try my crazy idea? Who enjoys regret as a permanent state of mind?

"Holy Moly..." is not your traditional "business how-to" book. There are plenty of those around. This book is conversational and experiential, and in the spirit of imparting lessons learned along the way, the author invites you to walk with her and then find your own special path.

The book is a collection of stories. Readers may laugh, cry and reflect. There is a Chinese Proverb that goes like this:

"A thousand mile journey begins with one step."

If you are a person who enjoys process, whetheryou want to start a business or not, this book is a wonderful first step to that glorious explosion of passionate energy we all long to experience - trying something NEW! Whether we run, stumble, fall, make it to the goal or at least to a new place, there is cause to celebrate. This book is a celebration of effort and big dreams, and the definition of "success" you come up with while reading this book may surprise you. The author puts an arm around your shoulder - you definitely will not feel alone.