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Web Security, Privacy and Commerce, 2nd Edition

Web Security, Privacy and Commerce, 2nd Edition

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Since the first edition of Web Security, Privacy, & Commerce, web use has exploded, and so have the threats to our security and privacy--from credit card fraud to marketing spam to web site defacements to attacks that shut down popular web sites. Nearly double the amount of information, this completely updated volume explains the techniques you can use to protect your privacy, organization, system, and network. Topics include:
  • Web technology--Cryptography, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), passwords, digital signatures, and biometrics.
  • User privacy and security--Cookies, log files, identity theft, spam, web logs, and web bugs, as well as hostile mobile code in plug-ins, ActiveX controls, Java applets, and JavaScript, Flash, and Shockwave programs.
  • Web server security for administrators and content providers--CGI, PHP, and SSL certificates, intellectual property, P3P and privacy policies, digital payments, client-side signatures, code signing, pornography filtering, and PICS.