Piloting Palm: The Inside Story of Palm, Handspring and the Birth of the Billion Dollar Handheld Industry

Piloting Palm: The Inside Story of Palm, Handspring and the Birth of the Billion Dollar Handheld Industry

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"Thorough, intelligent, and inspiring, Piloting Palm tells one of the most remarkable stories in the history of American business–– the birth of the handheld industry. There are important lessons for entrepreneurs and managers in almost every chapter. A fascinating book!"
–– Emanuel Rosen, author, The Anatomy of Buzz

"The Palm is so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget what life was like BP (before Palm). If you want the inside scoop on theproduct that changed your life –– and how it got here–– this is the place to start."
–– Seth Godin, author, Survival is Not Enough

"Even though I’ve been a user of every version of the Palm and am waiting breathlessly for the Handspring Treo Communicator, I never knew how Jeff Hawkins came up with the original design of the PalmPilot. Now I do. Piloting Palm is informative, well written, and a good read!"
–– Stewart Alsop, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates
columnist, Fortune magazine

"Piloting Palm is a fascinating blow-by-blow of the company that made the handheld revolution possible. Butter and Pogue have written a highly readable, insightful, and compelling historyof the business strategies and the people who have redefined many of our lives."
–– David B. Yoffie, Harvard Business School professor
author of Judo Strategy: Turning Your Competitors’ Strength to Your Advantage

"Piloting Palm is a compelling and engaging read. The story conveys the drama, heartbreak, and joy of building a Silicon Valley start-up. Both Dubinsky and Hawkins set an example of how to realize a vision and then build a team that can turn it into reality. This was definitely a book I could not put down."
–– Bruce Chizen, President and CEO, Adobe Systems Inc.

"An incredible insight on the first successful handhelds ever! I thought I pretty much knew the entire history behind Jeff and Palm, but this book filled in all the details and nuances I never knew existed! My regards to Jeff and Donna for persevering!"
–– Kenny West, President, PalmGear.com

"This book is a gripping (no pun intended) history of Palm and Handspring. Above all, it’s a great story about stubborn entrepreneurs who overcame conventional wisdom, corporate calcification –– and Microsoft."
–– Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures