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Architectures Module: Solution Architectures Through Components

Architectures Module: Solution Architectures Through Components

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This module explains the architectural issues in building and deploying modern component-based systems. This is one module of an extensive handbook that systematically discusses how to translate e-business strategies to working solutions by using the latest distributed computing technologies. The chapters of this module show how solutions are architected by combining applications, databases, networks, computing platforms, and middleware services into a working system that delivers value to the enterprises. Topics include: a) principles of component-based architectures; b) the role of XML Web Services, Sun's J2EE, and Microsoft's .NET in building component-based architectures for enterprise applications; c) enterprise data architectures in the modern Web-XML environments; d) architecture implementation concepts through examples using XML Web Services, Sun's J2EE, Microsoft's .NET, and other platforms; and e) state of the practice (case studies), market (commercial products), and art (research and development trends) of component-based architectures. Chapters of the module also include several real life examples and case studies to highlight practical applications.