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E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002

E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002

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In the United States alone, more than four million small businesses are expected to get online with a Web site in the next four years. But small businesses and home-based businesses often find it unnecessarily daunting to get an e-commerce site up and running. E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS WITH MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE VERSION 2002 and the Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 Web site creation and management tool work together to meet this all-too-common challenge. This book focuses on FrontPage version 2002 features thatare specifically geared to the needs of the small or home-based business that is trying to set up a credible e-commerce site. FrontPage Version 2002 gives businesses like these the tools they need to create valuable e-commerce site features such as feedback forms, a workable customer-support infrastructure, and a visitor registration and tracking system. This book shows how best to use these tools-including the latest FrontPage features-to create an approachable, professional-quality e-commerce solution.The book also shows how easy it is to use FrontPage Version 2002 in concert with other Office XP software applications, third-party applications, and business-advice sites such as the Microsoft bCentral(tm) small business portal to create an elegant, accessible e-commerce site.