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Getting Down to E-business with the AS/400

Getting Down to E-business with the AS/400

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In Getting Down to e-business with AS/400, author Bob Cancilla combines his expertise with real-world business examples to show you how to successfully develop and deploy e-business applications with the IBM AS/400. Each of the 25 chapters will take you step-by-step through the Internet, teaching you all the major issues, concepts, and technologies necessary to implement an AS/400-based e-business solution. If the Internet is going to revolutionize the way you do business, this new book is a must! Getting Down to e-business with AS/400 is the one resource that cover's all the individual Internet technologies together in one place. It explains the many products that work together to make the AS/400 a Web server. In addition, it will help you develop a comprehensive Internet plan and teach you how to design and build an e-business Web site that can revolutionize your business. Turn to this book again and again to become the resident expert on: Available software for your AS/400 and how it fits into your overall e-business plan, browsers, domains, firewalls, proxy servers, Network Address Translation (NAT)and web servers, Email with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), POP3, and Domino, the AS/400 HTTP server, Net.Commerce, Net.Data, and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming, Telnet and 5250 emulation via the Internet, internet security, how to develop a comprehensive planning guide for your AS/400 Internet project, programming for the web, designing e-business AS/400 web sites, web-based graphics design, the basics of HTML, and much more!