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ePurchasingPlus (2nd Edition)

ePurchasingPlus (2nd Edition)

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-includes free CD that outlines book and describes 10 additional CDs that supplement the book
-2nd Edition -3 times the size of the first edition
-30+ contributing ePurchasing experts and practitioners:

(CEOs: US,UK & Canadian professionals;Government, military & public sector experts; Educators and students; Editors of leading "supply chain/ procurement" publications) -Single source to learn 20+ etools & software for purchasing

-New section on Government, Military & Public Buying, US &Canada
- Provides a process and set of tools to help purchasing professionals transform their organizations with technology.

-ePurchasingPlus has 4 components:

1. Process Change (Reengineering & Supply Chain)
2. Use of Technology tools (etools)
3. Integration of technology, ERP & data warehouse
4. Plus (Strategy, Skills & Activities)

At the heart of the book is an explanation and the use of 20+ etools and software developed for Purchasing and a foundation for purchasing professionals to select the best implementation approach for their organizations.

Over 50 case studies are presented along with lessons learned in etool & software selection as well as from practitioners who have experience in the transformation of Purchasing. One expert answers the question "Has Technology Met the Expectations of Supply Managers?" while another expert provides a perspective on the ethics of e-commerce and ePurchasingPlus.

A new section, Government & Public Sector has issues and case studies for the US Government, Military & Public Sectors and the Canadian Governments success in ePurchasing.

The appendix includes useful URLs, a list of publications that follow the field ad a categorization and list of ePurchasingPlus Software Products.