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E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook: Middleware Module

E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook: Middleware Module

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This module explains what is middleware in a clear and systematic manner and highlights its role in interconnecting remotely located users, applications, and databases in the modern digital corporations. This is one module of an extensive handbook that systematically discusses how to translate e-business strategies to working solutions by using the latest distributed computing technologies. Readers are carefully guided through the "jungle" of existing as well as emerging middleware services by using numerous real life examples and case studies that highlight practical applications. Unnecessary formalisms and jargon are actively avoided.Chapters of this module discuss the following topics: a) Middleware principles, basic middleware services (RPC, MOM, RDA, Publish/Subscribe) and distributed architectures supported by the basic services; b) Web technologies (e.g., browsers, servers, Web gateways, HTTP, HTML, proxies, cookies), XML "family" (e.g., DTD, Schema, XSL), Semantic Web, and Web Services; c) Distributed object computing concepts, CORBA/DCOM, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, J2EE, .NET; d) Enterprise data and transaction management concepts, technologies, and approaches in Web/XML environments (distributed databases, distributed query processing, XMLprocessing, TP Heavy, TP Lite); and e) Middleware state of the practice (case studies), market (commercial products), and art (research and development trends).