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Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce (Artech House Computer Security Series)

Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce (Artech House Computer Security Series)

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If you're charged with maintaining the security of e-commerce sites, you need this unique book that provides an in-depth understanding of basic security problems and relevant e-commerce solutions, while helping you implement today's most advanced security technologies.

From designing secure Web, e-commerce, and mobile commerce applications… to securing your internal network… to providing secure employee/user authentication, this cutting-edge book gives you a valuable security perspective you won't find in other resources.

Flexibly structured to give you a comprehensive overview or to help you quickly pinpoint topics of immediate concern, the book includes sections on basic security mechanisms, the specific requirements of electronic payment systems, communication security, and Web- and Java-related security issues. A full section is devoted to the security aspects of code and customer mobility, specifically mobile agents, mobile devices, and smart cards. Over 70 illustrations help clarify important points throughout the book.