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Understanding e-business Application Integration

Understanding e-business Application Integration

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Effective integration of core business application software with e-business applications and interfaces represents the cornerstone of a successful e-business launch. Without effective integration, the benefits of e-business cannot be recognized. Many of these benefits are key to the health of an organization, such as competitive advantage, increased revenue generation, cost savings due to operational efficiencies and productivity gains, reduction of cycle time and, of course, improvements in the quality of customer service. These are all the most common ROI (return on investment) identified as reasons for implementing e-business. But, some organizations have misjudged the importance of ensuring that their e-business initiatives are tightly coupled with, and in fact an extension of, their legacy application suites – and so, their e-business launches have failed to recognize these benefits. In determining the best approaches for achieving e-business Application Integration, there are many factors, techniques, and technologies to consider. The authors of this textbook, who have many years of varied experience in assisting organizations in achieving e-business excellence and true application integration, have endeavored to share their knowledge in an organized and progressive fashion within this book. The goals are to assist students and computing professionals to become more proficient in the concepts, technologies, and techniques in delivering streamlined and effective automation with e-business Application Integration, to organizations that they may work with. This text covers a lot of ground, giving the student a broad perspective on the many elements of integrating e-business applications. It represents the scholarship from many of the top industryexperts and brings you a wide scope of knowledge.