Rosa Gallica

Rosa Gallica

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Beautiful Gallicas are the oldest roses cultivated in Western gardens and are fundamental to the increasingly popular and informal "English cottage" gardening style. Rosa Gallica is the only easily accessible and complete guide to these ancient, romantic roses that are easily grown by all gardeners-novice and experienced alike.

Gallicas are healthy, disease-free, pest-resistant, hardy and surprisingly accommodating. Especially suitable for novices or gardeners short on time. Gallicas are:

  • well-suited to organic gardening methods;
  • able to thrive without chemicals and sprays;
  • tolerant of shade and erratic watering;
  • hardy from Zone 4 through 7, and much of Zone 8.

    Densely-growing and undemanding shrubs, Gallicas do not need special soil and provide attractive year-round ground cover. They are ideal for modern small gardens and also useful as excellent low hedges. Their natural shapes and good color act as a welcome alternative to monotone green shrubs or foundation planting.

    Rosa Gallica contains the author's full-color photographs throughout and all the information needed to start growing:

  • detailed entries describe varieties;
  • information on origin, history, and growing characteristics.

    On its own, or with its sister title, Rosa Rugosa, Rosa Gallica is a superior addition to any gardener's book collection.