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Bottom-Line Automation

Bottom-Line Automation

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The process manufacturing business has changed dramatically in recent years. Manufacturing companies now face the challenges of a global marketplace where every part of the operation must become more efficient to enhance the bottom line.

Based on the results and conclusions of an applied research project of process manufacturing operations directed by the author, Bottom-Line Automation presents an overview of over 30 years of industry trends, pointing out the strengths and pitfalls of each. The book explains how manufacturers selected automation technology suppliers for state-of-the-art technological features in their systems rather than for the improvements the technology could offer the manufacturing operation. Key findings include the fact that returns on automation investments were rarely, if ever, calculated. In fact, accounting and quality systems were not even capable of measuring the performance of process automation systems. The author explains a strategy for measuring and improving automation system performance for the ultimate goal--the bottom line, and provides case studies of how such a strategy was implemented in three process manufacturing organizations.