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The Book of Jewish Food

The Book of Jewish Food

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Claudia Roden is no more a simple cookbook writer than Marcel Proust was a biscuit baker. She is, rather, memorialist, historian, ethnographer, anthropologist, essayist, poet ... The Book of Jewish Food is her masterpiece (though the recipes are glorious), the richest and most sensuous encyclopaedia of Jewish life ever set in print.
One does not have to be Jewish to appreciate this book ... buy it for the recipes ... for couscous with orange pumpkins and raisins, Syrian stuffed fried kibbeh, chicken croquettes Burmese style, "the bride's pigeons" from Morocco, simple refreshing vegetable salads from the Mediterranean, and delicious northern European desserts and pastries.
One can't imagine a better food book than this, ever: for the reader and the cook.
A book to read from as well as to cook from, and Claudia Roden takes us on a journey through the Jewish world, from the inventive cooking of the Ashkenazi Jews ... to the sensuous and colourful food of the Sephardim ... Set to become the classic work on the subject, it is indispensable to anyone interested in culinary history.