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Microsoft Project 2000 Step by Step

Microsoft Project 2000 Step by Step

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Microsoft Project 2000 is a significant new version of the market-leading project management software that better supports organizational planning, collaboration, Web technology, integration with Microsoft Office 2000 and with non-Microsoft software, andenhanced ease of use. To give users the insights and information they need to maximize their use of Project 2000, MICROSOFT PROJECT 2000 STEP BY STEP provides complete training on this new version. Project management can be daunting, so beginning users often need extensive guidance in learning how to think about project-management software-just the kind of perspective that this book provides. Co-authored by two Microsoft Project 2000 authorities-a Microsoft Project usability manager and a Microsoft Project support engineer-with significant input from other Microsoft Project software-development and support-team members, it addresses the complex issues and scenarios that are most important to Microsoft Project users. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Project 2000, allowing readers to learn just the lessons they want or need to learn, at their own pace. Comprehensive indexing also makes it an ideal post-training reference tool.