3ds Max 6 Animation and Visual Effects Techniques (Graphics Series)

3ds Max 6 Animation and Visual Effects Techniques (Graphics Series)

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3ds max 6: Animation and Visual Effects Techniques has been thoroughly updated to cover the enhancements and new features of version 6. The book provides an organized and thorough process for integrating the features of 3ds max 6 into your own projects. Everything taught throughout the book is based on the creation of a film project that was done completely with max, including all of the visual effects and animation techniques. Beginning with a review of the essentials, you’ll learn the key featuresused in animation and visual effects. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of animated filmmaking, and you’ll work through detailed tutorials covering modeling of buildings, environments, humans, and aliens. Once you’ve created the models, the animation techniques are explored, including character setup with bones, lip sync, facial expression, and walk cycles. From there the process moves to scene animation, visual effects, materials and textures, and lighting and rendering. The book ends with detailed chapters on character studio® 4 and combustion® 3, and the Shag Hair plug-in.

* Uses the latest features of 3ds max 6 to teach particle effects, including rain and Hollywood explosions and details the changes from version 5 to 6
* Teaches how to use character studio 4 to animate crowds of people, and how to do physics- based animation using reactor 2
* Explains facial animation and how to record dialog and sound effects
* Details lighting and rendering features, including
* Radiosity and Global Illumination, Skylight and Light Tracer, visual effects lighting, and network rendering

On the CD
* Original, full size figures from the book
* All the files needed to complete the tutorials from the book
* Extras folders that contain color images, animations, 3ds max materials libraries, and texture maps
* An animated scene from Homing Instinct, the movie used to illustrate the techniques in the book

First Edition User Comments

"Up-to-date sprung to mind when I skipped through this book…Finally someone has added a FULL tutorial on how to model a human from scratch! The effects chapters are amazing too, thick, Hollywood explosion techniques! …this book is aimed at someone who has used Max for quite sometime and knows a little about modeling. But I recommend this book to anyone that has Max!"
"I love this book! It makes sense of things in 3ds max that I couldn’t quite grasp before. I’m finally getting overthe learning curve for lots of stuff in Max!…"

Minimum Requirements: 3ds max 6, IBM-compatible PC, 800 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, Video Display with 32MB RAM, free HD space 600MB; Recommended System Requirements: 3ds max 6, IBM-Compatible PC, 2.0 GHz processor, 1GB or more RAM memory, Video Display with 64 or 128MB RAM, free HD space 4 GB.