Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers (Graphics Series)

Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers (Graphics Series)

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If you’ve jumped into the digital realm, it’s time to learn how to enhance, correct, and manipulate your photos. Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers teaches you how to take your images into Photoshop and turn them into masterpieces.

Photoshop CS is jam-packed with new features designed especially for digital photographers. Using Photoshop CS is essentially like having your own digital darkroom right on your desktop, which includes all the tools you need to achieve professional quality results. To help you master these tools, Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers teaches you professional techniques to overcome the many challenges presented by digital photography. By using these techniques, you’ll be able to produce professional-quality results, and you’ll establish an efficient workflow. Everything from the basics of organizing pictures and removing blemishes, to adding special effects is taught through practical tutorials and projects. Some of the topics include creative cropping, color and brightness correction, color shifting variations, removing wrinkles and red eye, nose reduction and eye enlargement, and framing techniques. In addition, special effects that teach how to turn your photos into paintings or change the time from day to night are also provided.

With the techniques and skills taught throughout the book, you’ll learn how to manipulate your digital photos into truly customized and personalized images, and you’ll master many of the powerful featuresof Photoshop CS. This no-nonsense, easy-to-read, full color guide is the one resource digital photographers need!


* Provides a masterful blend of theory and hands-on tutorials for easy learning

* Introduces each topic in a real-world workflow that is easy to apply to your own projects

* Includes stand-alone sections that allow reading from cover to cover or browsing by particular technique

* Illustrates examples with eye-catching photos and a beautiful color design throughout

* Provides plain English explanations of techniques, so the reader is not just "following blindly"