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Ivan Turgenev. Stories and Poems in Prose

Ivan Turgenev. Stories and Poems in Prose

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There are books in world literature that are independent of time and space, books that have been able to traverse infinite distances, crossing state frontiers, and surmounting language barriers and national dissimilarities.
To this type of books belong the world-famous novels ("Rudin", "A Nest of the Gentry", "On the Eve", "Fathers and Sons"), short stories, plays, and poems in prose written by Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883).
The present collection contains seven short stories: "Three Encounters" (1851), "The Inn" (1852), "Faust" (1856), "Asya" (1857), "First Love" (I860), "A Steppeland King Lear" (1870), "Clara Milich (After Death)" (1882), and selected poems in prose (1877-1882).
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