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The Ultimate Questions Book - Leadership: A Coach's Guide to Unlock Client Potential

The Ultimate Questions Book - Leadership: A Coach's Guide to Unlock Client Potential

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The quality of the questions we ask directly influences the action we take. As a professional whose job is centered around getting results through asking powerful question, the right question can make all the difference. Asking high quality questions is more than just asking. Ita??s about how you ask, the composition of the question & knowing what type of information the question is meant to uncover. High quality questions clarify, evaluate, probe, prioritize, define choice, address obstacles and create a vision. The Ultimate Questions Book on Leadership is one of a series of books containing high quality questions that are designed for specific coaching categories to help coaches, therapists, facilitators, and consultants motivate their clients, remove blocks and resistance, and get to the heart of the issue fast. With over 30 years of combined coaching, facilitating, and experiential learning experience, both Denny and Kathy Jo recognize even the most skilled professional may have difficulty finding the right questions to help their clients gain the results theya??re looking to achieve. Inside you will find hundreds of questions, examples of when to use specific types of questions, a Leadership Wheel with Lists of Questions under each Wheel Quadrant, Leadership Quotes, An Open & Closed-Ended Questions List, How to Design SMART Goals, and a Leadership Values List. This book goes beyond having a list of possible questions. Although this book is designed around how to ask question and what questions to ask thata??s not all you will receive. The information and resources found in this book can help you develop your business through: a?? Designing Your Signature Program a?? Create Product & Program ideas a?? Evaluation Tool a?? Workshop & Seminar Creation a?? Inspirational Incentives for their Clients a?? Prospect Pre-qualification a?? Content for Newsletter a?? Content for Social Media Marketing