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Pull: The Power of Magnetic Leadership

Pull: The Power of Magnetic Leadership

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Pull Leaders are potent, positive influencers because they operate above the line a?? thinking and speaking in the language of purpose and possibility and translating that language into tangible results. Pull: The Power of Magnetic Leadership presents a methodology that allows leaders to become more aware of how they can use their consciousness to discover and develop their genuine leadership potential. Consulting with executives and their teams for over a decade, ShoshanaA Rosenfeld articulates key principles and practices that leaders in high-demand work environments can use to transform unconscious habits that are based on the braina??s biological response to stress. This book shows executives and their leadership teams how to: a?? Inspire greater engagement, success and satisfaction a?? Identify when they are choosing push vs. Pull Leadership and lead from above the line a?? Learn from stories of senior leaders who have produced extraordinary results a?? Embody the qualities of a Pull Leader: Center, Humility, Intention and Personal Responsibility (CHIPs) a?? Engage in daily practices to create the habits of a magnetic leader.