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Telesales Coaching: The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell MORE

Telesales Coaching: The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell MORE

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Are you absolutely satisfied with the sales results of your telesales team? Do you think that your sales could be or should be better? If you're serious about getting the absolute best from your inside sales team and improving their sales results then this book is for you. Written for B2B telephone sales managers, owners and executives, Telesales Coaching is a practical, no-nonsense guide on how to help your sales reps sell smarter, sell better and sell more. There are two fundamental reasons why your telephone sales reps don't sell as much as they could or should. The first reason is that many reps are not very good at selling despite formal (and ongoing) training. Over time, telephone reps dilute the fundamentals, cut corners, get complacent, forget techniques or fail to master the skill sets that will lead to increased sales. The second reason is that the majority of telesales reps do not get the coaching and support that they need to excel at sales. Most telephone sales managers have been taught how to be managers, not coaches. Consequently, telesales reps do not get the proper constructive feedback and encouragement they need to change their selling behavior and improve. Until now. Telesales Coaching provides you with a proven and practical four-step process on how to coach your telephone reps and help them increase their sales. It's extremely effective because it focuses on precisely how to get reps to overcome their natural resistance to change and to modify their behavior on a consistent basis. Easy to learn and easy to apply, the coaching techniques offered are based on common sense principles of learning and development. Here is some of what you'll learn: i??i??i??i?? Why most companies don't coach i??i??i??i?? The six things coaching definitely is not i??i??i??i?? Why you can't coach without clearly defined standards i??i??i??i?? Understanding that telesales is not a numbers game, it's a results game i??i??i??i?? How often you should monitor your reps (the answer may surprise you) i??i??i??i?? Where, when, and how to monitor your reps i??i??i??i?? How to use an a??analyzing algorithma?° to avoid petty feedback i??i??i??i?? Who not to coach i??i??i??i?? Why the a??sandwich feedback techniquea?° is a waste of time and effort i??i??i??i?? Why numeric rating systems are destructive i??i??i??i?? The Socratic feedback model the absolute best way to provide feedback i??i??i??i?? Other methods to enhance the coaching process Based on twenty-plus years of helping companies throughout North America implement successful telephone selling programs, this book gives you everything you need to turn your ordinary telesales reps into extraordinary telesales reps.