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My Family Story: How a Bank Waged War on Us

My Family Story: How a Bank Waged War on Us

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If you were among homeowners affected by the big banks decision to make your life miserable through foreclosure or other tactics during the 2009- - - -housing and financial crisis, you will see yourself in this fascinating story . This is a compelling account of a family's survival after a bank which serviced their mortgage declared war on them. In 2009 Americans were blindsided by an economic crisis which caught Wall Street, Main Street and Political leaders totally off guard. And many conscientious homeowners seemed to have paid the price for the bad decisions of a few. Some banks tried to make it appear that homeowners who experienced setbacks during this time were are all dead beats who took on mortgages they could not afford. However, this characterization is far from the truth, as you will read in My Family Story How A Bank Waged War on Us.