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Sustainable Leadership: Fresh Thoughts

Sustainable Leadership: Fresh Thoughts

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Understanding how to create and maintain high performing, resilient, environmentally friendly and socially responsible organizations and societies requires input from many disciplines, insights from researchers with diverse backgrounds, and leadership from business and government. A good place to start is with an understanding of the issues.The multidisciplinary author team on Sustainable Leadership: Fresh Thoughts quite provocatively covers diverse topics related to establishing sustainable leadership in different national and industry settings. The contributions are based on current research into sustainable leadership presented at symposia run by the Institute for Sustainable Leadership.Sustainable Leadership: Fresh Thoughts contains 15 chapters organized into three parts. Part I contains chapters concerned with transforming organizations towards sustainable practices. Then, as the chapters in Part II indicate, leadership plays a major role in creating and maintaining sustainable enterprises. Part III in turn then covers a fundamental aspect of sustainable leadership, namely what educators are doing for sustainability, particularly in universities. Overall, the chapters in Sustainable Leadership: Fresh Thoughts examine many aspects of sustainable leadership a?? from transformational change and leadership issues to education; from insoluble problems to easy-to-use tools for under-resourced small businesses and individuals; and from cultural change at the national level to ways in which individuals can become proactive, civil and skilled at picking up cues related to sustainability.With contributors from multiple continents including Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, this book offers the read a stimulating journey through these fresh thoughts.