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You're the Coach: The Transformational Power of Business Coaching (Volume 1)

You're the Coach: The Transformational Power of Business Coaching (Volume 1)

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If you are an owner of a professional practice or a service-oriented small business, you know many of the trials and tribulations you face each day can be traced back to the need to develop stronger people skills and communication skills both with your customers/clients and your support team. It is not only possible to teach all the people in your business to work together, ita??s essential to your long term success. Dr. W. Bradford Swift, a small business owner and entrepreneur for over thirty years, and a long time contributor to Veterinary Economics magazine, brings over twenty years of life and business coaching experience to show you the way to true teamwork, efficiency, and productivity. Youa??re the Coach provides proven strategies for inspiring peak performance, leading your team with a strong vision, designing a top-notch staff training program, and bonding clients to your practice. Other topics include: How defining your business mission clarifies your commitment to your team, your clients, and the community. How to identify myths about clients, employees, and finances that can paralyze your business. Learn how to convert your inevitable business problems and troubles into triumphs, even breakthroughs. How to build a business with heart and soul, and how having fun at work can do wonders for productivity. How to encourage clients to accept your recommendations by turning complicated jargon into easy-to-grasp conversations. Learn how staff and client or customer complaints can be a rich resource for improving your business. Discover how a??moments of trutha?? can bond clients and customers for lifea??or send them running out the door. Learn how to create a positive impression, and much more! Included in Youa??re the Coach are simple and effective exercises to help you integrate the lessons youa??ll learn into your business and professional practice. Youa??ll learn how the power of coaching can transform, not only your business, but your entire life.