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Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers: Tools from the Trenches to Make Your Factoring Business Thrive! (Volume 5)

Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers: Tools from the Trenches to Make Your Factoring Business Thrive! (Volume 5)

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Why a Book about Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers? As anyone in business knows, if you dona??t have customers, you dona??t have a business. Marketing is the way companies attract new business to their establishments, and a factor, like any company, must market effectively to keep the business alive. The question is, how do you start a?? and continue a?? to find new prospective clients your factoring business can help? That is the issue addressed by Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers. But there are so many ways to attract prospects; which ones should you use? Which are most effective, and which are waste of time and money? These significant matters are addressed by eight small factoring professionals who have all been in the industry for years. Their responses may surprise you. If finding and closing new clients is proving difficult, their words can help you. The Small Factor Series Author Jeff Callender has been a factor for two decades. He has written numerous books, articles, and ebooks for small business owners, factoring brokers, and other factors. Those hired to work for factoring companies are often given his books and ebooks as required reading. The Small Factor Series includes five titles, all available from Amazon and the Kindle Store. The books include: 1. Factoring Wisdom: A Preview of Buying Receivables 2. Fundamentals for Factors 3. How to Run a Small Factoring Business 4. Factoring Case Studies (2nd Edition) 5. Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers Marketinng Methods for Small Factors & Brokers Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers is the final book in the series, and includes contributions from Jeff, six other factors, and a factoring broker. The book includes short biographical sketches of all eight writers, who come from a variety of backgrounds, and from across the country. Each chapter, written by one writer, discusses the methods he or she has found to be most effective, which methods have the lowest cost or no cost at all, and which simply havena??t worked. Youa??ll discover specific advice as to what to do (and what not to do) as you get started. Youa??ll read first-hand accounts of the numerous marketing methods the writers have used, including networking groups, cold calls, direct mail, trade shows, referrals from various sources, public speaking, press releases, several online techniques including social media, and many more. The final chapter collates the information and provides an analysis of the contributorsa?? comments. A color-coded chart summarizes the marketing methods described, including their relative effectiveness, cost, and time required. From these, the reader can answer the question, a??Which marketing methods should I use in my factoring business?a?? From the Authora?¦ For many smaller factors, especially those just starting, marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of the business. I am frequently asked, a??Which marketing methods work best? Which should I use? Which do you use?a?? To obtain the best answer to those questions, I believe you need to ask more than one person. Thata??s exactly what I did when creating this book, and the answers I received from seven other people who run successful factoring businesses are printed in this volume. My personal answer is there too, right alongside theirs. Reading all eight writersa?? comments will help you determine what marketing methods will work best for you. -Jeff Callender