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Gaudi: Modernist Architecture in Barcelona

Gaudi: Modernist Architecture in Barcelona

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Caudi grew up in Camp de Tarragona, a rocky zone planted with vineyards and olive and carob trees. The countryside was dotted with small villages and rocky massifs. Gaud is capacity to observe the landscape during his childhood gave him a special vision of the world. His surroundings, including the animals and the plants, brought together all of the laws of construction and structure that the architect needed to create his buildings.
Caudi's brilliant mind found information and inspiration in nature. For example, the way he placed arches in the attics of his buildings is similar to the skeletons of vertebrates, and the columns of the Sagrada Familia branch out like trees. His sinuous facades, balconies, and walls depict the swell of the sea or the movement of grasslands in the wind. All of Caudi's buildings reinterpret the norms that regulate the creation of the universe, comparing the role of the architect to that of creator. Due to his special vision of his profession, Caudi lived only to design, ignoring the social, family and cultural life around him.