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Hotels: Designer and Design / Hoteles: Arquitectura y diseno

Hotels: Designer and Design / Hoteles: Arquitectura y diseno

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The idea of the hotel as a place where one can feel the same way one feels in one's own home is out of fashion. People do not travel these days to reach spaces reminding them of their house. To the contrary, we travel to escape routine and experience new sensations. The social diversification of recent years has generated new clients, anxious for new products and new scenes. The services of the hotels presented in this book respond to the demands of this contemporary public. They will be executives in need of Internet connection, no matter where they are; freelance professionals wanting to work from their rooms with total time flexibility; adventurers waiting to try the local cuisine; or the directors of large companies needing to unwind after intensive workweeks.
Aside from offering these alternative services, one of the preferences of clients and hotel managers is name architecture. Architects of international prestige are commissioned with the design of new hotel complexes, the re-design of old hostels, or the modernization of older installations. Designers like Jean Nouvel, Philippe Starck, or Matteo Thun create spaces that are rich in feelings, that flee the solemnity of the rooms of yesteryear. Material selection, room layout, lighting, these are some of the project phases where the talent and expertise of these architects come out.
All the hotels included in this book also enjoy a careful and singular corporative image. The restaurant menus, the stationery, the keys, the soaps, the robes... These elements and many others are of a distinct cut, with an exclusive graphic design representing the hotel concept and which attracts a select clientele. Behind these products there lie, obviously, marketing and advertising studies that make the proprietors sure of satisfying the needs and desires of their clients.
Hotels: Designer and Design shows a selection of establishments that distinguish themselves from grand, de luxe establishments, offering personal attention not only in client service but also in material and spiritual comfort. The settings and ambiences enjoyed in these hotels are true festivals of the senses, places which the traveler has dreamed of visiting and which here come to life.