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Arabic for Designers, Second Edition

Arabic for Designers, Second Edition

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In Arabic for Designers, Second Edition, Mourad Boutros has overhauled his critically acclaimed primer for non-Arabic speakers who wish to implement Arabic into various visual designs, ranging from corporate to artistic. The new edition features a completely new design and more pages, keeping pace with recent changes in the use of Arabic in multilingual visual marketing and design campaigns. Since the release of the first edition, the need for companies in the West and Asia to utilize Arabic has increased exponentially, and Arabic for Designers is an essential tool to do so effectively.Boutros draws from his impressive portfolio to provide heavily illustrated case studies of recent re-designs and logotype conversions for European and Middle Eastern television networks, websites, and printed media, including the BBC and Al Arabiya. The second edition includes an expanded chapter on "The Value of Cultural Knowledge," which cites more examples of advertising campaigns that failed because the companies and design firms responsible for them did not grasp Arabic's many cultural and typographic nuances.