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Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles: Made in Code

Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles: Made in Code

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The latest innovation in textiles design, paired with images that range from digital patterns to catwalk shots of the finished articleComputerized media in all forms have had an incalculable effect on how we live our lives. No creative sector has been left untouched, and the revolutionary ideas that have occurred in the fashion and textile industries have heralded a move away from the tailora??s cutting table to designs that are digitally printed at the touch of a button. Following on the success of Techno Textiles, this new collection presents twenty-two of the most forward-thinking creatives in the fashion and textile sectors. Through texts and runway photographs, the designersa?? work is examined in light of the technology they choose when creating fabrics that will show their designs to best effect. The featured designers range from household names (Chalayan, Prada) to more avant-garde creatives. This insightful and richly illustrated book is the perfect resource and inspiration for anyone looking for an exhaustive yet entertaining exploration of technology and its impact on fabric and textile design. c. 400 color illustrations