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The Foundations of Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Education

The Foundations of Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Education

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After barely half a century of experience, Islamic banking has become established as a niche industry across the world, offering new and sophisticated financial products designed to be compliant with Islamic legal principles and common law. This comprehensive book explores the theory, principles and practices underpinning this rapidly expanding sector of banking. Expert contributors - including eminent scholars and senior practitioners in the field - examine the roots of the principles of ethical Islamic financial transactions, which have evolved over several millennia, on issues including usury, interest rates, and financial contracting for funding enterprises, mortgages, leasing and other transactions. Regulatory and governance issues are discussed, and the practice and operation of Islamic financial institutions are explained via three distinct case studies. Importantly, the final chapter looks at what steps are being taken to provide professional accreditation to Islamic banking professional personnel, and prescribes requirements for training in this growing industry. This rich and wide-ranging guide to the foundations and fundamental principles of this new form of ethics-based financial practice will prove a fascinating and illuminating read for regulators, practitioners, and scholars in the fields of economics, finance, money and banking. Contributors: I. Abraham, S.O. Alhabshi, S.H. Aljunid, M. Ariff, M.K. Badar, I. Bhatti, M. Bhatti, E. Girard, K. Hassan, T. Hassan, M. Iqbal, M.K. Lewis, C. Mews, A. Saeed, S.H. Razak, M. Shamsher, M.T. Skully, A. Walsh, M. Zaman