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Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a Twenty-First Century Leader

Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a Twenty-First Century Leader

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The CEO job is tougher than ever. How will you prepare for it?Todaya??s CEO must be a global leader who also understands that parts of the business must be managed locally. Someone who sets a strategic vision, though industry and technology disruptions will surely threaten that vision. Someone who must live in the future to go to the future, while continuously creating economic and social value. Not an easy task.Harder Than I Thought is a fictional narrative that puts this increasingly complex job in context?by enabling you to walk alongside Jim Barton, the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace, as he steps into the role. Bartona??s story, developed in consultation with seasoned, real-life CEOs, contains crucial lessons for all leaders hoping to master the new skills required to move into the C-suite.As the narrative unfolds, Jim grapples with a daunting array of challenges: wrestling the companya??s cash flow problem to the ground; rebuilding investor trust following an accounting scandal; and striving to transform Santa Monica Aerospacea??s military and manufacturing culture to become a global aerospace integrator. As events push Barton to the edge of his abilities, he seeks council from a panel of advisors. These collaborative reflections invite you to apply lessons from Bartona??s experiences to your own situation. From formulating and executing strategy to cultivating a high-performing management team to working with a multi-generational board, the book offers a wealth of teaching moments.Experts agree that many twentieth-century leadership practices wona??t work in the stormy twenty-first century. This engaging book equips you with the insights youa??ll need to navigate in a fast-changing business landscape.