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Pathway to a New Career: Innovative Approach to Starting a New Career

Pathway to a New Career: Innovative Approach to Starting a New Career

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Pathway to a New Career was created with one thing in mind; How to provide an updated guide covering training and coaching to help not just job seekers, but career seekers succeed in obtaining and growing into a new career. Most individuals that choose to start a new career do not know where to start. In most cases they are armed with the superficial information about finding a job, but they are missing the key piece; how to go after a job, how to interview, what to expect, and how to set themselves up for short and long term success. The Pathway to a New Career book is here to guide you to a step by step road map to success! The book contains the step-by-step process in finding a job in the following chapters: What Hiring Managers are looking for in a Resume, Customizing Your Resume, Introduction Emails, Professional References. Networking, Expanding Your Professional Network; Interview Process: Phone, In-person, Panel, Researching Prior to Interviewing, Mock Interview, and Thank You Emails; Employment through Agencies: How to make appointment, Go to an agency, What to expect, Online Job Applications, Filling out Employment Forms, Online Job Boards, Optimizing a Job Search; Making the Most of Job Fairs, Business Etiquette, and Business Attire; How to be Successful on the Job, Internships, Reliability, Positive Attitude, Firing/ Promotion Trends; Becoming Efficient & Effective, Time Management, and Professional Communication, and Leadership; Efficiency & Effectiveness, Goal Setting, Time Management. By the end of the book, job seekers will be equipped and ready to start their path to a new career. Additionally, job seekers will be educated with up-to- date trends, and relevant skills needed to prepare and implement a job search that will result in successfully finding a job, keeping your job, and increasing your chance of being promoted. Students will learn skills including, but not limited to creating resumes that land jobs, interview preparation, online j