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Targeting Your Market (Marketing Across Generations, Cultures and Gender)

Targeting Your Market (Marketing Across Generations, Cultures and Gender)

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Demographics play a huge part in todaya??s marketing strategies. Understanding your target market and how to target marketing campaigns to different generations, genders and cultures allows the professional marketer to maximize their success and demonstrate true commerciality and return on investment. Throughout this book, Gabriela Taylor discusses socio-demographic profiling and covers the key traits of a wide array of potential customers. The author also looks at the social networking phenomenon and includes some of the key profile types on Facebook, Twitter and Klout. Social Media Networks are the first platforms that provide a clear direction on the likes and dislikes of certain groups or individuals and the author brings to life how such insights help to better understand an individuala??s life cycle, interests and purchasing habits. A comprehensive guide to targeted demographic marketing, this book will help any marketer understand their audience better and help them to target the right market for them in the right way.