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Corporate Leadership A Competitive Advantage

Corporate Leadership A Competitive Advantage

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Leaders have the power to take their organizations to great heights. The corporate leaders, therefore, need to acquire and continuously upgrade their skills, knowledge base and foresight for building and motivating their teams and creating an atmosphere for success. The book deals extensively with the entire gamut of corporate experience and various disciplines with leadership roles clearly delineated therein. Human angles include the soft-skills leaders need to develop, the ethical code and the moral value systems that make leaders successful are discussed at length in the book. The book takes the students into the corporate leadership psyche as it extends to team building exercises, solving ethical issues as it also deliberates on the difficulties faced by the leaders while bringing in changes in the organisational streams, like corporate structure, culture, plans and policies, besides its vision, mission, goals and objectives. The book offers practical solutions for handling these problems. The book covers all the strategic areas taught in the MBA and PGDM programmes with case studies. Contents: Corporate Leadership Challenge / Strategic Action / Role of the Leader in Strategic Change / Inspirational Leadership / Leadership Leverages / CEO-Integrated Responsibility / The Leadership Qualities / CEO s Behaviour / Soft Skills Essential for Leaders / Solving Ethical Problems / Leaders Enhance Brand Equity / Case Studies.