Costa Daurada I Terres De L'ebre

Costa Daurada I Terres De L'ebre

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There are many forms of showing a territory. The author's purpose is not the one of offering an inventory, a guide or an itinerary; neither a history book, neither a history of the art, neither a treaty of geography: rather on the contrary, it is a personal vision of the landscape of Tarragona. In the exceptional illustrations of the book, the reader will be able to find some presences that have not been possible to pick up in the written part. And, in opposition to this liminar epistle well could write as colophon: What we have said not absolutely anything before what we have not said.

- An indispensable journey for the landscapes of the county of Tarragona which will wake up our senses and it will reveal us the secrets of an earth with numerous historical vestiges.
- Recovery of Joan's magnificent text Maria Pujals in which discovers us in a brilliant way the lands of Tarragona.
- New photographic report, carried out by two photographers of the area, experts of the specificity of the territory, their culture and history.
- Two trilingual editions to bring near the territory to all those that want to know it, especially the Russian tourism, very in peak in the county of Tarragona.
- The book presents us the two big territories of the county of Tarragona: Costa Daurada and l'Ebre Terres, the first characteristic for their beaches, the seafaring tradition, their history, the gastronomy or family tourism; and the second for the nature in pure state, the virgin spaces, the l'Ebre Delta, the architectural patrimony or the popular culture
- Great peak of the international tourism (Russian) in the Costa Daurada: 40% of the tourism of the Costa Dorada is Russian

"If somebody wants to know Tarragona, this it is the best synthesis that exists."

Baltasar Porcel

Trilingual edition: Catalan-Russian-French and German Spanish-English.