How to Read Bridges:  A Crash Course in Engineering and Architecture

How to Read Bridges: A Crash Course in Engineering and Architecture

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Bridges have been essential to the development of the modern industrial world, providing links in a network of transport infrastructure that once spanned only rivers and regions but now cross seas and countries. This accessible book is a visual guide to understanding and identifying architectural styles and engineering techniques of all types of bridges, from ancient Roman arch bridges and nineteenth-century truss bridges prevalent in the United States to the latest high-design cantilever and suspension bridges of the moment.
The first part introduces the key bridge types and uses, and explores how materials and engineers both influenced the evolution of bridge design. Succeeding chapters group bridges according to type and proceed chronologically to analyze the world's iconic bridges. Each bridge features a dramatic photograph alongside detailed annotated illustrations, providing clues to help identify both unifying themes and individual features.
How to Read Bridges is a tour of the globe's greatest bridge engineering, offering an illuminating overview of one of the most fundamental man-made structures, and it will change the way you look at bridges.