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Dressed to Kill: Jazz Age Fashion

Dressed to Kill: Jazz Age Fashion

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This lavish volume invites the reader into the elegant, glamorous world of the 1920s, one of the most stylish and influential periods of modern times.
Virginia, a renowned antique clothing shop in London, has been a go-to for fashion designers, models, stylists, and fashionistas for years. With its carefully curated selection of perfectly preserved dresses, coats, lingerie and accessories from the 1880s to the 1930s, Virginia's rare clothing is collected by designers for inspiration and by serious clothing collectors.
This stunning volume highlights the best of the collection, focusing on -the 1920s and scaling the heights of Jazz Age fashion with chapters including: sequined dresses; cocktail wear; bridge coats; opera coats; evening jackets; and kimonos. Through sumptuous still-life photographs of the clothes and opulent film-set interiors, Dressed to Kill invites leaders into a magical world. The rare and precious beaded dresses, feathered capes, and silkv kimonos, each a piece of art in their own right, are beautifully documented, highlighting the craftsmanship and ornamentation of the pieces. Historical information is accompanied by guidelines for the care of antique clothing.
With essays by leading fashion authorities, this volume is a must-have for collectors and connoisseurs of fashion.