The Kite: Level B (+ CD-ROM)

The Kite: Level B (+ CD-ROM)

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Ehud and Elisa like flying kites. One windy day Ehud's kite goes up and he can't see it. Ehud is sad. Then it comes down in Elisa's garden.
Elisa gives Ehud his kite and he is happy. But then Ehud and Elisa look at their fathers. Their fathers aren't friends. They are sad. Can the children think of a way to make everyone happy?

Helbling Young Readers is an exciting new series of graded readers for Primary Schools in 5 levels. Engaging stories with beautiful full-colour illustrations, specially written to appeal to young learners of English, introduce high-frequency words in order to promote fluency from an early age. Each story is carefully graded and language is presented both as lexical groups and language functions.
Accompanying Interactive Whiteboard compatible CD-ROMs include a complete reading of the story, chants and games and link to the Young Readers website.
All materials use an open type font which has been devised to help children with reading difficulties.

Picture Dictionary
Open-out flaps with picture dictionary, structures, vocabulary, letter to the reader and CLIL links.

Helbling Young Readers draw links with other classroom topics, developing cross-curricular skills and making the most of real classroom learning and time. If you are reading The Thirsty Tree with your pupils you can immediately see you can also use it in Maths and Geography class.

All language exercised in each specific book is highlighted as either new or recycled from a lower level. There is always a perfect balance of new and revised structures in order to enhance and reinforce learning.

Language is presented both as lexical groups and language functions.
On page activities often link in with other curricular subjects and allow the readers to interact with the story. Before and after reading activities preteach and practise words and structures and provide skills and pronunciation practice.

Each level has its own mascot, which grows in size as the reader gets older.

An interactive whiteboard compatible CD-ROM with lots of fun and motivating educational games to practise language and pronunciation. Plus a recording of the text with chants and listening activities.

Teacher's Materials
Website with teacher's notes, including downloadable worksheets, information on creating a dyslexia friendly classroom and insights into working with the values addressed in each story.
IWB compatible CD-ROM for using the reader in class.
Прилагаемый к изданию диск (CD-ROM) упакован в специальный целлофановый конверт и вложен внутрь книги.