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Key Concepts 1: Audio CD(x1)

Key Concepts 1: Audio CD(x1)

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Key Concepts 1 & 2 expose students to the material they will encounter in college-including discipline-based lectures, academic vocabulary from the Academic Word List, and structured speaking activities. Students gain valuable academic knowledge and essential note-taking skills necessary for success in college. The format for listening activities supports the listening section of the TOEFL and prepares students for further assessment and proficiency testing. Content-based lessons introduce students to key concepts from major academic disciplines such as humanities, communications, biological sciences, social sciences, history, and business. Listening, note-taking, and group-work activities enable students to practice key skills necessary for college success. Online Teaching and Study Centers provide instructors with chapter tests and additional exercises and activities. Online Teaching and Study Centers offer students ACE practice tests with audio clips, audio flashcards, and audio clips for pronunciation of new words and phrases.
Уровень: Level 1