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Energy Investing For Dummies

Energy Investing For Dummies

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The fast and easy way to grasp energy sectors and their place in the global economy With timely, substantial information about energy stocks, Trading Energy For Dummies teaches the ins and outs of energy sectors and how to incorporate them into business and investment plans. Savvy investors and business managers will find the important information and advice they need to incorporate these growth areas into their investment portfolio. In Trading Energy For Dummies, you'll find important information on the big-three markets of electricity, natural gas, and oil; growing markets for liquefied natural gas, emissions, coal, and alternative energy; primers on advanced topics like storage, wheeling, load forecasting, and pipeline transportation; tips on trading energy stocks, ETFs, dividends, and derivatives; and much more. Includes examples of ways to invest in wind power, carbon emissions, thermal solar power, and other new markets Packed with the latest information on trading energy Shows you how to incorporate energy trading into your investment plans Trading Energy For Dummies is your friendly, un-intimidating guide to this hot topic in business and investment trading.