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Managing Your Investment Portfolio For Dummies, UK Edition

Managing Your Investment Portfolio For Dummies, UK Edition

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Achieve positive returns on your investments, in any market With Managing Your Investment Portfolio FD you can build and manage a portfolio of investments thats flexible enough to provide positive returns, no matter what the market is doing. Inside youll find a wealth of strategies and techniques to help you take your investments to the next level. Lean to track and predict volatility; hedge your exposure by going long and short; use strategies like arbitrage, relative value and pairs trading; and dip into distressed assets, options, derivatives, spread betting and much more. Techniques and strategies covered include: Tracking and predicting volatility, and making short-term gains on very volatile markets Hedging exposure and going long and short Arbitrage (taking advantage of price differences between markets) Pairs trading Relative value strategies Distressed assets (things written off by the mainstream that may have long-term value) Earnings surprises (looking for companies delivering better earnings than predicted by analysts) Options and derivatives Macro trading (looking at key indicators for economic cycles)