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Leadership For Dummies, WHS Travel Edition

Leadership For Dummies, WHS Travel Edition

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The quick, easy way to become an effective leader Written by one of Britain's most sought-after leadership coaches, this book is your gateway to becoming an effective leader. Gleaned from the wisdom acquired by working with hundreds of highly successful leaders from the world of business, Leadership For Dummies is fortified with practical tips and skill-building exercises guaranteed to get you up and running with all the confidence and skills you need to lead any team, department or organisation successfully – in no time! Know thyself – find out why authenticity is key, and how it enables you to meet the challenges of leadership Follow the leader – cultivate leadership qualities, and inspire people to deliver their best every time Not-so-secret agent – become a change agent who leads people through changes, big and small Teaming up – discover tried and tested tips for leading different kinds of teams and how to overcome the challenges each presents Open the book and find: The difference between managing and leading Ways to gain the commitment of people who work for and with you How to lead, starting with yourself Ways to steer people through change successfully Methods to motivate difficult people Tips on building senior leadership teams Learn to: Find your style of leadership Guide people through organisational change Lead different types of teams Become a better and more effective leader