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Colour Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

Colour Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

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This brand-new edition of the "Colour Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus" provides you with both definitions and synonyms in convenient, multi-purpose entries. Whether you want to check the meaning of a word or find a range of alternative terms with the same meaning, you only need to look at one main entry. This unique, user-friendly feature means that finding the word you need is quick, easy, and convenient.
Since the last edition, the text has been revised and updated using the Oxford English Corpus, an enormous database containing billions of words of real English drawn from a wide variety of sources. The dictionary component provides up-to-date coverage of all of the words you need for everyday use, with definitions written in straightforward language and a clear, accessible style. The synonym sections work just like a thesaurus. Lists of alternative words are arranged in order of their closeness in meaning to the main entry word, with the closest one given first. Together with a centre section containing information on word classes, punctuation, and a short guide to help you get the most out of the thesaurus, the "Colour Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus" is the ideal reference companion, in a handy size you can take anywhere.