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Puglisi: Master Tips of Traditional Art & Digital Painting (BookPushers)

Puglisi: Master Tips of Traditional Art & Digital Painting (BookPushers)

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If you ever wanted to get insight of both digital and traditional drawing and painting techniques, get this book, then visit www.MadArtistPublishing.com and get Diego Puglisi's e-Book companion with bonus pages and exclusive video workshops, video interview and fun qr reference codes. In this book you'll get to know Diego personally and professionally with brilliantly laid out pages and easy to follow image breakdowns and advice on drawing, painting, business of freelance, promotion and you'll even learn which tools and materials to buy. You'll also get references to some of the best hidden websites and artist resources on the web as well as a 2 page article on the Art of Self Promotion. Diego is an award winning Argentinian master artist with over 20 years in the industry who's work is featured in many magazines, newspapers, press media and exhibited around the globe. Don't miss out, get this book now.