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Q.S. Serafijn - Notes 3

Q.S. Serafijn - Notes 3

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Q.S. Serafijn is a visual artist, writer, and publicist. In his work disciplines are closely interrelated; for example when Serafijn works on an assignment for the public space, he accompanies the image with a story that reflects on the genesis of the picture and, casually, analyzes the public space and the job situation. For the first time in Notes 3, a wide selection of his visual work, blog entries, mini essays and short stories have been gathered and published. Six writers reflect on Serafijns career, including Dirk van Weelden exploring Serafijns idiosyncratic relationship with art and reality, Anna Tilroe on the concept of commitment, Harry Starren about modern patronage, Ragna Siguroardottir on relationships between text and image, Ruud Kaulingfreks his hybrid discipline and Siebe Thissen on the relationship of citizens to art in public spaces.